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Vacuum Loading & Septic Tank Emptying 


If you live in a rural area on a lifestyle block or small farm, or you run a rural school, retail operation, or community organisation then a septic tank is a practical and cost-effective solution to dealing with your sewage issues.


However, without regular maintenance and professional septic tank cleaning, your tank could end you causing more problems than it solves including blockages, sewage on your lawn and water flowing back up your pipes. Regular septic tank cleaning will ensure your system does its job for years to come and is a much better option than having to undertake costly repairs. 


Assassin Water Jetters have been servicing The Waikato for more than 14 years and can ensure that your tank is regularly maintained. Our team are fully equipped to empty and clean tanks as well as to carry out safe liquid waste disposal.


Professional, regular liquid waste disposal will ensure your tank runs well


When your septic tank becomes too full you will soon know about it, but regular liquid waste disposal can ensure that you are never left with any undue mess to clean up. Tanks generally need cleaning every few years depending on how much your system is used and the type of waste produced.


If your tank is getting full you may notice:

  • strong odours coming from around the tank area

  • toilets and sinks draining more slowly than usual

  • gurgling noises from your drains

  • Toilet Paper and waste on the ground by The Gully Traps

  • puddles forming around the tank area

If you notice any of these things, it is time to get your tank emptied and get Your Local liquid waste disposal Team to ensure your tank is properly drained and that the resulting waste is disposed of in a safe manner.


Trust your septic tank cleaning to the experts at Assassin Drainage Solutions Ltd


If you need septic tank cleaning or sump cleaning in Morrinsville, Te Awamutu, Cambridge or anywhere throughout the Waikato region, Assassin Water Jetters Ltd is your first choice for cleaning and liquid waste disposal.


Our professional team can get your septic tank cleaned safely, thoroughly and efficiently and, if it is easily accessible, you don't even need to be on site while we get the job done. Once your tank is empty, our team will safely dispose of the waste to meet local regulations and is Tracked.


Contact us today to arrange a quote or to find out whether our services are right for your situation.

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