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Mainline  Tractor CCTV

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Using the latest Mainline Tractor Camera technology, Assassin Water Jetters can Inspect 150mm Drains all the way up to 2.3m.Efficiently with minimal fuss. We also Provide a USB Card (DVD or Cloud Service upon request) with Easy to use viewer software, which contains, among other things, inspection videos, reports, as well as a 2D and/or 3D model of the pipe net-



Some Of The Features Include:


Human Eye Perspective technology

(upright, correctly positioned video While Scanning of joints, Pan /Tilt etc as the Human eye would view)


Latest L.E.D Technology

(16 equal-white LEDs, flashed to video frame rate with up to 100 W Equivalent Light )


Continuously variable lift arm

Ensures Centralisation in bigger pipes with ease


Deviation measurement longitudinal and lateral axis

 lateral axis slope sensor provides roll over protection. This is also utilised for Pipe incline reports


Locating transmitter

integrated locating transmitter for fault finding etc.



4 x motors, single-wheel drive

To assist in traction and movement throughout drains


Internal pressure control

Waterproof to 1 bar of pressure


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