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Hydro Jetting

When drains/pipes are blocked, Assassin Drainage Solutions will unblock them using our high pressure, high volume water jetting unit. Pipes/drains are cleaned at the same time removing build-up of fatty deposits from your drains. 
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Drain unblocking & cleaning of sewer or stormwater drains

Our high volume, high pressure hydro jetting equipment not only allows us to unblock drains but to clean them at the same time. 
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CCTV drain inspections

Our closed circuit TV drain camera (CCTV) uses the latest digital technology to enable us to pinpoint the exact drain problem eg cracked or dislodged pipes, tree roots growing in pipes etc. All images are in full colour and footage can be recorded onto disc if required. Click here to read more


Drain tracing & pipe locating

Our CCTV drain camera can be used in conjunction with our Sonde (water quality monitoring equipment) to locate pipes, drains and septic tanks.

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Tree root removal from drains

Do you have large trees on your property? You may be at risk with tree roots entering your drains. We have the right equipment to effectively deal with your tree root problem.


Drain inspection

Is your house more than 15-20 years old? If yes, then you probably have clay earthenware pipes. After 15 years the rubber seals break down and tree roots can enter and cause cracking and major blockages. Call us to inspect your pipes now. 
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New homeowners

If you are purchasing a new home? we advise you to make sure that the drains are in good condition. It is surprising how many houses are up for sale due to re-occurring drain issues. We are able to provide you with a detailed report on the condition of the drains and provide footage if required.


Drilling damage

Out of blue has your drain blocked with no history of blockages? Odds are that what are in the Photos below may of happened to you !!




Household Drain Services

Often cables are drilled through drains by accident and the result being a blocked drain. Call us and we will come and assess the situation, unblock and check the drain with our onboard CCTV camera. 

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