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Pushrod CCTV

Using the latest digital camera technology, Assassin Drainage Solutions can pinpoint problems accurately during a drain survey. We can supply the customer with a report and recording of their survey if requested*. We do this whether the drain survey is done because of a re-occurring blockage or to give peace of mind. 

The drain survey images are in colour and because we use a self levelling-camera to carry out the survey, these drain images are shown the right way up on the screen, clearly showing the meterage, any blockages, fat scale build up, root intrusion, displaced joints or collapsed drains. 

*Please tell the operator if you do require the footage to be recorded. As you can appreciate we do survey a lot of drains and not all require recording.


Drain inspection
If you think you may have an issue with your drains that could cause a blockage in the future, we can inspect your drains today to prevent that small problem become a nasty, smelly problem

Various issues can cause blockages or sluggish drains

  • cracked or pipes that have become dislodged

  • or poorly functioning pipes blocked by tree roots etc.(Our root cutter tool can deal with those unwanted tree roots. )

  • If the issue is more terminal, such as collapsed or broken pipes our camera will pinpoint the problem accurately above ground so that only that part of your system will need to be dug up and replaced, meaning less mess and less of your lovely grounds being dug up











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