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Hydro Excavation - a Safer Way to Dig!

Hydro Excavation is an alternative to manual digging, it is less intrusive and a more accurate option ideal for locating and working around utilities e.g gas, water and fibre optics. Our HydroVac has a 6-Inch Boom and can operate up to a 10 Metre Lift.

It uses pressurized water to break the soil, and is then vacuumed up into the truck. It has a range of benefits compared to using manual labour including being more efficient, safer and it has a smaller environmental impact.


What is Hydro Excavation Ideal for?

  • Locating Services – gas lines, water & sewer mains, and electrical cables.

  • Post & Pile Holes

  • Exposing Services for repairs & maintenance or to lay new services alongside.

  • Trench Digging – where excavators can’t reach or to avoid damage to major tree roots.


The Benefits of Hydro Excavation


Hydro Excavation uses pressurized water and air suction to remove soil and expose and identify existing underground services. This reduces the risks on your personnel dramatically as they’re not in contact with potentially volatile utilities such as gas lines, sewage, water, electrical cables, and fibre optics.



Hydrovac is both cost and time effective, as it’s a lot quicker than manual digging and in turn reduces downtime and labour costs. With its accuracy in locating services and working around them it reduces the risk of potential delays from accidents/repairs to utilities compared to manual digging.


Smaller Environmental Impact:

As it allows you to excavate soil in a non-destructive way, it reduces the harm to the environment with less debris, dust and run off that you would typically find with manual digging.

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